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Drama Queen

Queen of drama only in fanfiction, not in real life...

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Well, there's not much to be said about my personal life, since I like to keep it private. I enjoy working in the Child Development field, I have two siblings, one of which has Autism and the other who is 'typical' but who I love equally(even when she's being obnoxious).I've been writing for a long time. It's shocking when I think about it, but it's a hobby that I love and enjoy very much. I believe I've been writing for more than ten years, or close to it since I don't remember the exact date.:P But I fully expect to keep writing for a long time still. I love drama and I love romance, so it's what you'll see in my work the most. Plus this means I'm way over the age of eighteen.:)For the past year I've been into icon making, and while I'm not the best, or as good as some amazing artists out there, I really like how my stuff comes out. Enbizaka Street to see some of my work!Now, I'm usually found at ff.net, but I am also around LJ, too. I have a joint community with ocvalkyrie where we have been posting our M-rated fics, and that one we called V&V Fanfiction, which you can find below, as well as my page on ffnet.

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