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Forty Icons for 20in20 Challenges

Geez, I'm falling asleep right now, but I wanted to share my completed icons for both otp20in20 and ff20in20. I still have anime20in20 to go, but I think I'll need a little break between icons to get my brain working.

OTP entry here

FF20in20 entry here

Also, I went and spoiled myself on the ending for Dissidia 012.:'( Valk threatened me to keep it to myself, but the plotbunnies showed up as I was watching it. Dunno yet if I'll get a fic out for it, but hopefully I can wait until after I buy the game and begin playing it at least. Just a few more weeks! YAY!:D

-_-I need some sleep...

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Ten Ulquiorra Icons

Yay! It's still not midnight for me, so I'm on time with these icons right on Ulqui's birthday. They're not as amazing as some other icons out there, but I was pretty happy with the end result. I wanted to contribute and show some love for our emo-bat here. Now... if only I could stop being a coward and write some Ulquiorra/Orihime goodness... :P

Please enjoy!

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Thin Line [Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth/Aerith, M]

Title: Thin Line
Rating: M
Author: valentineninja
Summary: They both had an admiration and dependency for each other that bordered on unhealthy.
Warning: Sex, language.
Word Count: 791
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth/Aerith, thin line between fascination and obsession.
A/N: I'm off to school, but I wanted to share this ficlet first. This bunny hit me right before bed and I had to write it, otherwise my brain would more than likely lose the information overnight.:P Anyway, this was written for Porn Battle over on Insane Journal.

( thin line )

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ff20in20: Cid Raines

-_- This entry for ff20in20 is so late... school has been eating my brain for this and for writing. Though I took a midterm today and getting that off my shoulders helped a lot in finally finishing these. Now I'll have free time to get some writing done, too! Anyway... I need to get some sleep, so please enjoy!

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Ulquiorra Schiffer Icons

Well, this my first time participating in the bleach_20in20 so I really hope this bunch isn't too bad.:)

--Looks shifty eyed-- Orihime managed to jump into a couple of these, too... can anyone tell that I'm a UlquiorraOrihime fan? Anyway, I had a lot of fun doing these, so please enjoy and feel free to take any with credit!

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