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04 March 2011 @ 01:45 am
Forty Icons for 20in20 Challenges  

Geez, I'm falling asleep right now, but I wanted to share my completed icons for both otp20in20 and ff20in20. I still have anime20in20 to go, but I think I'll need a little break between icons to get my brain working.

OTP entry here

FF20in20 entry here

Also, I went and spoiled myself on the ending for Dissidia 012.:'( Valk threatened me to keep it to myself, but the plotbunnies showed up as I was watching it. Dunno yet if I'll get a fic out for it, but hopefully I can wait until after I buy the game and begin playing it at least. Just a few more weeks! YAY!:D

-_-I need some sleep...

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